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This page is exclusively for the Girl students having permanent residence in keonjhar district


"DMF-Ananya", is a transformative initiative aiming towards supporting girl students of Keonjhar district exclusively, with financial assistance, which would help them to pursue their education at different levels. Aiming at addressing global priority of providing quality education and gender equality for all girls and young women and aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5, the scheme aims to go beyond mere enrolment and ensure that girls could complete all levels of education, equipping them with skills for the labor market, socio-emotional adaptability, decision-making autonomy, and the ability to contribute to their communities. Factors such as gender discrimination, poverty, violence, sexual abuse, and child marriage compound the issue, hindering girls' access to education. Poverty is a significant barrier, disproportionately affecting girls with multiple vulnerabilities. Violence, both en-route to school and within family contexts, poses grave threats. Child marriage further curtails education, leading to early dropout, diminished education, and adverse health consequences. This special scholarship scheme would serve the purpose of empowering girl students to pursue their dreams.

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