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This page is exclusively for Government/Government Aided Schools of Keonjhar District


To address several of the challenges presented above, it is proposed to introduce a performance-linked scholarship scheme for Class X (BSE, Odisha) students studying in government and aided schools across the district. This will encourage the students to complete their schooling (minimum +2), provide financial support for higher education and may improve their learning levels. It is believed that this will lead to increase in attendance, reduce drop-outs, increase transition rate, motivate children to complete higher education cycle, provide financial support during higher education and improve teaching and learning levels in the various government schools of the district, by ushering in a spirit of competitiveness among students.

SI Percentage Official Classification Proposed Scholarship Amount (in ₹)
1 90% and above A1 40000
2 80%- Below 90% A2 25000
3 70%- Below 80% B1 15000
4 **60%- Below 70% B2 10000
**For OAV the range is Above 60 % and Below 70 %

Important Dates

Start date of application :  30-08-2023

Last date of submission   :  20-09-2023